Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Eddie Cochran/Gene Vincent

Recalling post #1, insight (hopefully) into established icons is among my foci. And, as with Buddy Holly, both of these gentlemen have an abundance of 'best-of' compilations cluttering the marketplace . . .

For the uninitiated, here are 2 affordable & priceless comps.:


- LIVE FAST, LOVE HARD, DIE YOUNG: rec. mid-1955 -- a 16-year-old Eddie flaunts his prescience . . .

- I'M READY: rec. early 1956

- MEAN WHEN I'M MAD: rec. 3/57

- 11/2/57 Freeman Hover interview @ Albany Hotel, Denver, CO: conducted directly before the B. Holly interview.

- 2/7/59 on LA, CA's 'Town Hall Party' TV show: Johnny Bond interviews Eddie & band members. The strangest thing about this interview is that NO mention is made of the horrible plane crash that happened 4 days before.

- THINK OF ME (UK single version): prob. rec. 4/59

- JELLY BEAN (long false-start): rec. Summer-Fall 1959

- EDDIE'S BLUES: rec. 8/25/59

GENE VINCENT: vocals -- EDDIE COCHRAN: vocals/guitar

- intro/WHITE LIGHTNIN' (Live) (2/19/60 on 'Boy Meets Girls' TV show) (incomplete): intro by Marty Wilde


- MY HEART/interview (BBC session), 'Saturday Club' radio show -- probably rec. 2-23-60


- JEZEBEL: rec. 6-24-56, Vincent's 2nd-ever recording session -- orig. recorded by Frankie Laine & covered by the likes of The Mummies, Reverend Horton Heat, Big Bobby & The Nightcaps, The Controllers & Desi Arnaz,

- GONNA BACK UP BABY: rec. 6-25-56

- IMPORTANT WORDS: rec. 10-18-56

- YOU BETTER BELIEVE: rec. 10-18-56

- I GOT IT: rec. 6-19-57

- ROLLIN' DANNY: rec. 6-19-57

- ANNA ANNABELLE: rec. 10-17-58

- LAVENDER BLUE: rec. 3-16-64

side note: the incredible guitar-playing of Cliff Gallup can be found on Jezebel-> You Better Believe.