Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teenage Head

Ontario, Canada, recorded 1977-1978. Released in 1979. I first heard friends speak of this album in 1996, which probably had something to do with the fact that it had been re-issued the previous year. ---------- It blew my top! --------- This is that version. A straight-forward sound, yes, but undeniably fantastic. Judging by the album cover (at lower-left), it seems as if the higher-up's wanted a new-wave appeal, but these sounds are far from that. Frankie Venom (R.I.P.) hiccups like Gene Vincent, and Gord Lewis plays guitar like Johnny Thunders (oh, those wonderful neck-slides). Steve Mahon & Nick Stipanitz, whatta rhythm section! I recommend 'Ain't Got No Sense', 'Lucy Potato', & 'Top Down' for starters. The (far-more-prevalant) 2005 re-issue is a travesty; many unfortunate and/or ill-advised overdubs. Here is the 1995 re-issue.