Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bill Hicks/Ron Shock

Bill Hicks (1961-1994):

3-15-92 in Toronto, ON: Bill does some crowd-work . . . the crowd isn't mic'd, so it sounds like he's speaking to an empty room more often than not; the audience seems

unresponsive. Also, he has a 104˚ temperature. Despite these hurdles, this is one of my favorite Bill Hicks recordings. A random jewel (surely ad-libbed) line (an outro, really): 'I wanna thank Canada for springing Howie [Mandell] on the world . . . you have a lot of explaining to do . . . you gotta show your work on that one . . . perhaps a little foot-work . . .'

3-15-92 in Toronto

1992 in Chicago:

Most people focus on the 'You suck/I'm a drunk cunt' section of this show, but I personally find it interesting that Hicks (surely exhausted at this point, after the initial tirade) singled out the individual who later yelled 'Free Bird' and attempted to engage him psychologically. Memorize Hicks' response, it could come in handy at your next musical outing.

1992 in Chicago

Ron Shock (1942- ): raconteur-extraordinaire & one interesting individual.

CAR CHASE STORY: I was introduced to Shock by seeing him tell a slightly-abbreviated version of this anecdote on FOX's 'Comic Strip Live: Comics Come Home (Texas)' c. 1990 -- (FYI: the size of a .357 Magnum barrel, when it is pointin' at you, is comparable to the base of a mic stand).

Car Chase Story

Newspaper Story 2006, pt. 1: train-wreck -- my history . . . train-wreck

Newspaper Story 2006, pt. 1