Monday, June 27, 2011

Groundhogs: don't let the name fool you ...

Sabbath . . . Zeppelin . . . Groundhogs. They are, quite simply, everything GREAT about English rock music from the early 1970's; Groundhogs are the one that got away, sad to say -- unsung, but influential to all. Anyone familiar with the Fall's catalogue knows the name [to date, 2 recorded covers: "Junkman" (1994) & "Strange Town"(2008)]. Here is a 96-minute primer of this 3-piece:

P.S. Listen up for 'Garden' (1970) . . . then compare it to Zep's 'In The Light' (rec. 1974). You're welcome, Jimmy.

Commence with the pounding-of-fists on your automobile's dashboard/steering-wheel:

Thank Christ For The Bomb