Monday, March 21, 2011

'Back From The Grave' vinyl-exclusives

For better or worse, here they are . . .

I can see why songs like 'Snoopy' (a 'you-had-to-be-there' cover of The McCoys' 'Hang On Sloopy') or The Mods' cover of 'Satisfaction' ('Seuss-less information' ???????) did not make the CD-cut . . . and then there are gems like 'I Won't Be Home', 'What In the World' & 'So Good'.

P.S., exclusion/inclusion: (1) You can easily find/purchase The Sonics' 'Santa Claus' (BFTG #4). (2) However (despite its availability), I could not resist including Bunker Hill's 'The Girl Can't Dance'; listen up & you'll hear Link Wray & the Raymen backing that maniac.


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